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Those girls

  • <p> I tend to end up with girls who seem like thare the one who ide find myself attracted to but then after leading me on for days thay reveal thare hidden agenda they all just want an ego booster nothing more nothing less and what ever they do for that boost varies frome girl to girl but in the end its all the same </p>

"I had one good girl in my, and she dumpt me cause i fell in love with her so dying. alone sounds pritty good to me….."


I hold it

  • <p> On day ill get and i always wondered whats the future music will sound like and if ill like it or if ill still like what i like now?</p>

Funny way

  • <p> MI funny how its always the girls we want allways and up slipping away from us and its almost always with someone whos the complete opposite of you like shes tranna proove that they're over you but you always think in the back of you're mind you hope some day she'll give you the second chance but second chances dont come around that oftin so if shes worth it take a chance or learn to forget...........</p>